4x8 font "Yesh"

These fonts are sub-pixel rendered fonts with removal of color-fringing and gamma corrected for Nintendo DS screen.

First idea to create this font was inspired by font by Sylfurd, who made subpixel font 3x8, which enabled us to use 85x24 console on NDS. However this font produced a lot of visual artefacts, and was hardly readable. For creation of my font I have decided to expand the frame to 4x8 (console 64x24) and remove this color fringing.

To remove colors I have used a blur filter, there is a simple blur (1,1,1) in the font Yesh1 and double blur (1,2,3,2,1) in the font Yesh2.

The display of NDS is not gamma corrected, and where 31 gives you full brightness, to achieve half brightness you need a value of 22, not 15! This is called gamma correction, and I measured the gamma of my Nintendo DS Lite to be 2.0 when observed directly at 90' angle. The gamma changes as you tilt the screen, and changes from 1.0 to 3.0 by tilting it 30' upwards and downwards.

On font Yesh1 when you tilt the screen, some small color fringing is visible, however it is not as visible as the Sylfurd's font. Font Yesh2 is more resistant to tilting.

Fonts use 19 and 42 colors, you can use others as you see fit. Both fonts could be squeezed into 16 color palette, try experimenting. For top display of Nintendo DS Fat you may need to switch BGR/RGB elements in palette.

(To see these images correctly you must use LCD monitor with RGB pixels!)
To download a font click on the image with preview. Unfortunately the fonts are in .gif format so you have to convert them yourself (grit works fine for me!)

These fonts are (c) 2008 JanoS
You can use them under the MIT License.
If you credit me somewhere in readme or on webpage, that would be nice.
Contact e-mail: yeshfont@haluz.org
Or contact janosicek on gbadev forums